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At the heart of a leading regional, innovation ecosystem, the platform is a complementary player to the other existing structures working in close collaboration, to promote innovation and encourage company development. Companies and collaborative projects hosted on the platform can rely on this network through Axel’One.


Axel’One was founded by academic stakeholders, public research institutions and industrial groups with the same goal: to promote collaborative innovation.


Since 2016, Axel’One has been participating in public-private research consortia to structure the chemistry-materials-environment sectors. Within these consortia, the platform helps set up shared project lines. The Research consortia bring together key players from industry, academic laboratories and SMEs.


Competitiveness Clusters:

The competitiveness clusters bring together companies and academic players from the same sector to promote collaborative innovation. Axel’One is a partner of the competitiveness clusters for the chemistry-environment, plastics and textiles and soft materials sectors. These clusters provide support to set up and structure collaborative projects that can be hosted on the platform.

Industrial Technical Centers (CTI):

Beyond their research and development activities, the ITCs are responsible for the promotion of technical and technological innovations providing constant technological monitoring or even standardization. The technical centers also provide training and consultancy for companies in their specific sector of activity.

Structures for academic stakeholders:

Axel’One is a member of the investment committee in Pulsalys – the Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (known as SATT in French) at the Lyon-Saint Etienne University. Axel’One can also provide specific competences to the SATT Pulsalys on certain cases in the field of chemistry and the environment, through its special expertise in the industrialization of innovative processes and materials. Axel’One interacts with other regional stakeholders such as contract research structures, in addition to the technology transfer and engineering of collaborative projects (LIP, EZUS, INSAVALOR).

Structures linked to the area:


Axel’One benefits from financial support in particular through programs for research aid programs and innovation.