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Because it is better for growing companies to invest in business initiatives rather than expensive premises, Axel’One offers work spaces adapted to the chemistry industry:



With over 21,000 ft2 of laboratories, the 3 Axel’One sites can meet the different needs involved in the development of new processes and innovative materials. The labs are arranged according to clients’ needs and can be supplied with fluids such as: compressed air, nitrogen and water. Different sized units are available ranging from 160 ft2 to 1,300 ft2.


Technology Hall

On Axel’One PMI, the technological hall with a surface area of 13,000 ft2, brings R&D leaders together, to work in 500 ft2 or 1,600 ft2 units. On the Axel’One PPI site, a 4,300 ft2 technology hall, measuring 26 ft in height enables teams to work safely in explosive atmospheres.



Available in addition to laboratories or technology halls, offices are also available on site. The offices are modular and can be adapted according to clients’ needs.


Shared spaces

All Axel’One sites have rooms for meetings and events where people can meet and exchange ideas. The  Axel’One PPI and Axel’One PMI sites also have an on-site store, managed by an external provider. All 3 sites also benefit from nearby company or university restaurants.


The Axel’One team will assist you daily respecting the confidentiality of your projects in the following areas:

Health and Safety Management
Logistics and Facility Maintenance
Computer Systems Management
Support for the setting-up of laboratories and test projects