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R&D Services



Axel’One offers turnkey R&D services. Based on a wide range of research and scale-up tools, Axel’One adapts to the needs of each project. The platform adapts to bring the right tool and the right specialist at the right time to each project. Axel’One does not claim intellectual property. The platform is certified to benefit from the French research tax credit (Crédit Impôt Recherche).

For industrial analysis, The Industrial Analysis Plateau (Axel’One Analysis) offers many tailored solutions to accompany and give on-line advice to analyze development projects: co-development of analytical solutions, advice/assistance in decision-making for Investment On-Line analysis tools, industrial audit of facilities, working on industrial or test project sites, experimentation, data processing, participation or subcontracting for collaborative research projects.

In industrial catalysis, Axel’One offers access to tools for the synthesis and shaping of solids and catalysts at the kilogram-scale (approx. 2lbs): production of batches of catalysts at the kilogram-scale for catalytic processes, extrapolation and validation of the processes for the preparation of solids, possibility of operating the tools in the presence of aqueous and/or organic solvents in ATEX conditions and realization of R&D services and access to tools with a dedicated operator.

For the transformation of polymer materials, Axel’One offers the setting-up and shaping of bio-sourced polymers and specialty polymers as well as coating on flexible supports.


Access to a large pool of shared tools


R&D Services in industrial analysis


Operators dedicated to the transformation of polymer materials and catalysis