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The Laboratory C2P2 (“chemistry, polymer catalysis and processes”) is a research laboratory with expertise, on the one hand, in the synthesis of polymers, the engineering of curing processes and polymerization reactors, the complex colloidal media (chemistry and physico-chemistry) and on the other hand, in surface organometallic chemistry, supported (homogeneous) catalysis, nanostructured materials for catalysis, energy and health. The laboratory is under the supervision of CPE Lyon, the CNRS and Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

On Axel’One Campus, C2P2 works on the theme of homogeneous catalysis and polymerization. Since August 2018, the laboratory has been conducting a selective catalysis project of ethylene oligomerization. It concerns a key issue in the production of the major intermediates in chemistry: the control of energy and raw materials. These include developing more selective catalytic processes that limit purification steps and discharges and can be operated flexibly and integrated on fossil or renewable resources. This project (2016-2019), from TRL 2 to 3, aims at developing a multi-scale approach combining catalysis, modeling and advanced characterization to understand the reactions of homogeneous catalysis of ethylene oligomerization for the production of α-olefins and to control secondary mechanisms, such as polymerization. This project is co-financed by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region (call for projects 2016) and the IFPEN.