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The Polymer Materials Engineering (IMP) laboratory is a joint research unit of the CNRS, located on three sites: INSA  Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and Université Jean Monnet de Saint-Etienne. The originality of IMP is to carry out research on the fundamental aspects related to the application properties of polymeric materials: ranging from the synthesis of new macromolecules and the formulation of polymers, to their elaboration and their characterization. For IMP, Axel’One Campus makes it possible to study on a more advanced scale than in the laboratory, after the proof of concept. Highly advanced analytical means (NMR) have also been installed.

At Axel’One, projects include, for example, the synthesis of bio-based polymers for packaging, the production of structured polymeric materials for energy and transport, and the development of new thermoplastic composites. These projects are carried out within the framework of the LPSE Research cluster (Lyon Polymer Science Engineering) which includes academic laboratories (IMP, C2P2, Mateis), major industrial polymer groups (Arkema, Elkem silicones, Hutchinson, Nexans , Toray Films Europe, Saint Gobain, Solvay, Total, Michelin, SNF) and SMEs. Partners are already collaborating on research projects of common interest in themes as diverse as superhydrophobic surfaces, polymer purification and on-line production control. The stakes are those of new plastic materials in an agile production process requiring fewer energy resources and raw materials. On the other hand, the joint Hutchinson-IMP laboratory has activities on the Axel’One Campus concerning the development of new thermoplastic elastomer materials by reactive extrusion.