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Innovamics is a start-up company focused on numerical modelling of manufacturing processes. To bring innovative solutions to emerging markets in numerical mechanics, Innovamics aims to promote academic codes and innovative research in this field.

The start-up begins its activities in the field of composite materials. Innovamics develops a finite element software to model and simulate the forming process and in-service analysis of composite parts. The purpose of the analysis is to predict the geometry and mechanical characteristics of the part after and during the forming phase, such as: the appearance of wrinkles, failure, fiber orientation, porosity level, heat transfer, crystallization, among others. This software will be periodically upgraded in close collaboration with laboratories and experts in this field.

Innovamics also offers its expertise to companies that are interested in implementing this technology in their manufacturing processes. The start-up provides technical and scientific training on modelling, mechanical characterization and parameter identification of composite materials. Feasibility studies and parametric studies are also proposed in order to optimize the process. Innovamics thus offers an innovative solution integrating numerical methods from the latest state-of-art.