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The Institute for Research on Catalysis and the Environment of Lyon (IRCELYON) is a joint research unit CNRS-Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. The activities of the IRCELYON are at the heart of sustainable development with major concerns increasing knowledge in the fields of energy, environment and green chemistry. The IRCELYON focuses on Axel’One work on heterogeneous catalysis for energy and the environment.

The first collaborative projects around three thesis (2017-2020) carried out with the IFPEN focus on catalysts for the production of bio-sourced diesel from synthetic gas and refining of new generation fuels. Two Avantium Flowrence units will develop heterogeneous catalysts performance, in terms of activity or stability, to optimize the processes in which they are implemented. Thanks to the advanced technology associated with qualified personnel, the range of use is wide (temperature, pressure, nature of gases). Indeed, the areas of potential application are very varied since they concern both the transformations of gaseous raw materials (biogas, biomethane) or liquids (vegetable oils, various biomass, oil fractions…) into products to highest added value such as additives, biofuels, molecule platforms for specialty chemistry or monomers. Until now, the optimization cycle in R &D was severely limited by the number of measures you could carry out in one day; thanks to the technologies of miniaturization and parallelization of the Flowrence tools, it is now possible to measure hundreds of samples per month under conditions similar to those implemented in real applications and with outstanding quality.