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The LMI “Multi-materials Interfaces Laboratory” works in matter sciences and technologies, under the supervision of the CNRS and the Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1. This laboratory studies molecules, materials and interfaces, as well as synthesis, assembly and implementation processes. The LMI works on all stages of the innovation cycle: design, synthesis, characterization, modeling, implementation and support for industrialization.

The joint laboratory between LMI and Groupe SEB can be found on  Axel’One Campus. Known as ASCI for “Academic Standards for Cookware Industry”, this laboratory was created to encourage both entities to work closely together on functional and smart materials. It has a number of tools adapted for the synthesis of molecular precursors, the production of films and powders, as well as the mechanical and physicochemical characterization of materials. Benefiting from academic knowledge and industrial know-how, the joint laboratory works on product applications, boosting innovation through research with the aim of developing the world leadership of Groupe SEB in its field.