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FAPIC : Fast Assay for Pathogen Identification and Characterization

The FAPIC project is developing a new method for rapid and economical diagnosis of life-threatening diseases. The project aims to develop two diagnostic systems to identify all known pathogens and antibiotic resistance associated with a single test. In addition to bacteria and viruses, such as the flu virus or the multidrug-resistant E. coli, the test should also be able to detect pests and worms. The first system will be fully automatic and is intended to be used in large hospitals and reference centers. The second, a smaller system, is for independent laboratories, medical offices and developing countries. 3D. FAB is in charge of the design and prototyping of Patho-Stick and Patho-Doc using different 3D printing and adhesive laminating technologies.



University of Lyon
Austrian Institute of technology
AXO Science
Bee Robotics
Lyon Ingénierie Projets
Radboud / Hasselt Universities
University of Warwick
University of Zagreb