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Joint Research Unit Université Lyon 1-CNRS, the Light Material Institute (ILM) develops research based on the synergy between physics, chemistry and their interfaces (engineering, biology, health, environment). Its experimental and theoretical activities range from basic research to applications.

On Axel’One Campus, ILM carries out metal trace analysis. One of the ILM projects is being conducted with the start-up NH Theraguix. It concerns the development of theragnostic nanomedicine (getting its name from the abbreviation of the words “therapy” and “diagnosis”): The tool on the platform carries out the analysis and separation of metallic traces leading to the characterization of this nanomedicine in an appropriate environment. Responding to the challenges of personalized medicine, theragnostic nanomedicine helps adapt therapy according to diagnosis in the treatment of cancers. Concentrating on tumors, they facilitate the detection of these by MRI and above all, they amplify the effect of treatments by radiotherapy. ILM also collaborates with the MEXBRAIN start-up involved in regulating metal homeostasis and its involvement in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

ILM is also conducting a project on the development of anti-counterfeit tracers and markers with the SME Glincs and Inoven Team. The tool present on the platform can identify and quantify chemical tracers and additives in complex environments: industrial, biological and environmental.